Spector NS-2J CM

*Prototype #002 Built 06.19.97
One of four prototypes. Flame
maple body, Spector 9v preamp

Early NS-2J’s feature a piece
of pau ferro at the end of the
neck as seen here. natural oil and
wax finish.

NAMM show bass.

Spector NS-5XL

Prototype #002. Built 01.02.98
One of two matching prototypes
for the “XL” 35” scale.

Proto #1 was Stuart’s, that
one was stolen from the Messe
trade show in Germany. Both
are highly flamed maple
bodies. natural oil and wax

NAMM show bass.

Custom NS-5XL
Serial #002

Built 05.25.98. Figured walnut
body with matching walnut 
headstock overlay. Maple
neck-through body and ebony
fretboard. Abalone "crown" inlays.
Custom EMG pickups. Custom
Spector circuit. One of a kind.

Spector NS-2J5

Serial #002. Built 01.11.99
Ash body. One of only two
made with JJ pickups.
Spector 9v circuit.

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