NS-1 Mock-up

 Made of defective SB neck in
March of '77. Ned Steinberger
took his idea of a curved body
to a 3-D structure. The body
is made from smaller pieces
of wood, much like a butchers
block. This was built to see if
the idea would actually work!

NS-1 Prototype
This is the bass that started it all.
Original Ned Steinberger design.
Walnut body walnut.
 Maple neck-through body
Ebony fingerboard.

Click on letter to enlarge.

Spector NS-1

Serial # 157. Example of
"production" Spector NS.
One piece neck-thru.
Walnut body. Dimarzio

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.

Spector SB-1FL

Serial #237. Built in 1978.
Unlined fretless with high
gloss finish. One piece
(highly flamed) neck-thru.

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.

NS-6 Guitar

Serial  # 287. Built in 1978 .
RARE NS electric guitar from
this era. Walnut body wings ,
DiMarzio PAF humbucker at the
neck position . DiMarzio Dual
Sound humbucker at the bridge
position. High gloss finish.
One piece flame maple neck.

Spector NS-2

Serial # 401. Built in 1979.
Figured walnut body wings with 
one piece highly flame maple neck.
DiMarzio P/J pickups & early
Spector 9v preamp circuit with
two mini switches. Early Spector
crown inlays, more narrow on
the higher frets. High gloss finish.

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.

First 5 String Bass

Serial # 433.
Built by Stuart Spector and Vinnie Fodera. Custom inlays by Vinnie.
Walnut wings, ebony fingerboard,
maple neck-thru body, Dimarzio
pickups and Hazlab preamp w/
2 mini switches.

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