Spector NS-2JA

Serial #268/273. Built 10.04.85 Stuart’s personal NS-2JA.
Neck is # 273 and back plate
is #268. Rare crown inlays
on a USA bolt-on.

Spector NS-2

PJ purchased the body wings
and neck from Kramer in
1991, glued together, and
routed for P/J pickups and
Leo Quan bridge. Remains

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.


Original SD prototype.
Built 10.91 Stuart's personal
bass. Note original peghead
shape with pre-logo SSD
and inlays. Back of neck
is signed only, no other data.
Date is in truss rod route visible
in the pic, no truss rod cover.
Currently strung E - high C.


Serial #002. Built 06.04.92
Piezo option and 40P and 40J
pickups creating classic P/J 
configuration. Highly figured

NAMM show bass.


Serial #002. Built 11.24.92 
HIGHLY figured body!!
Center piece of maple neck
is highly flamed maple,
just like NS-4 #001,
Stuart’s personal bass.
Natural oil and wax finish. 

NAMM show bass.

SSD NS-4’s were actually
NS-2’s, this was changed in
1998 when “2 hum 18v”
models were called NS-4,
and “P/J 9v” models were
called NS-2 once again.

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