Spector SB-1

 Serial #075. Note front control
plate like first two Spector basses
made. Three piece neck-thru. 
Walnut body. DiMarzio pickup.

Spector SB-1

Serial #73877. Date of
completion 03.08.77,
third instrument of batch.
Four piece neck thru.
Walnut body.

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.

Spector G-1

This is a very rare sight. Stuart
made less than 50 of these 
guitars around 1977. This
guitar was completed 07.22.77,
second instrument of batch.

Walnut wings, ebony
fingerboard, walnut veneer
headstock, DiMarzio
pick-ups, two piece
neck-thru body.

Spector SB-1

Serial #18877. Date of 
completion 08.08.77,
first instrument of batch.
Active 18v circuit w/
3 band EQ.

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.

Spector NS-1

Serial #1103177. Date of 
completion 10.31.77.
First of batch. Note the
factory installed thumb rest
made of walnut to match
the body.

SOLD but left for
historic purposes.

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