Spector NS-1

 Serial # 159. Phenolic fretboard
with double dots on the 24th fret.
Walnut wings w/maple center. 
Dimarzio pickups. Badass bridge. 

Spector NS-2

 Serial # 470. One of the first 3 piece
Spector necks. Highly figured Walnut
wings with maple center.
EMG pickups with Hazlab
9 volt preamp. Two mini toggle
switches. Badass bridge.

Spector NS-2

 Serial # 761. Black High Gloss
finish. EMG P&J pickups and
Hazlab 9 volt preamp. Badass

Spector NS-2J

Serial #1310. Rare JJ pick-up
configuration. Hazlab 9 volt
preamp. White high gloss
finish. Spector bridge.

Spector NS-2

Serial #1548. Rare Candy Apple
Red color. EMG P&J pickups
w/ Hazlab 9 volt preamp.
Spector bridge.

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