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1977 Spector Catalog
(First Spector Catalog)

77-78 NS-1 Flyer

Brooklyn NS Spector Flyer

  1984 Spector Catalog

Spector Ad in November 1987

1987 Cosmetic Arts Ad
(Featuring Spector NS2JA #063)

1987 Spector/Kramer Catalog

1988 Spector/Kramer Catalog

1989 Spector/Kramer Catalog

1993 SSD Flyer

SSD Ad March 1994

1995 SSD Catalog

SSD Ad January 1996

SSD Ad October 1996

SSD Ad December 1996

Spector Ad August 1997

Spector Ad October 2000

SSD Ad July 1997

SSD 20th Anniversary Ad
March 1997

Spector Rex Ad November 2000

Spector December Ad 2000

Spector February Ad 2001

  2001 Spector Catalog

 Spector October Ad 2001

Nikki Sixx Ad

Spector Ad Feb. 1986

Spector Ad Jan. 2002

  Spector Ad Sept. 2002

  Spector Ad August 2003

  Spector Ad Sept. 2003

1990 Nikki Ampeg Ad

Spector Ad Mike Kroeger Jan. 2004

1990 Nikki Spector Ad

Spector Ad Oct. 2003

Spector Ad Tony Holland Jan. 2004

Spector Ad April 2006

Spector Ad May 2006

Spector Ad September 2006

Spector Ad April 2003

Spector Ad March 2004

Spector Ad October 2004

Spector Ad Sept. 2004



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